Comant GPS/WX/VHF Antenne (COMDAT)

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Frequency • 1575.42 MHz 26.5dB Gain GPS 2332.5 - 2345.0 MHz XM® WX 118-137 MHz VHF

The CI 2480-400 is the first ComDat to provide VHF, GPS and XM® Weather Data in a single, combined antenna. Patented design offers XM® approved performance for popular WX systems from Garmin® and Avidyne®. 

Built-in 80dB low pass filter protects both GPS and XM® antennas against unwanted VHF interference. 26.5dB GPS amplifier operates with Bendix-King® GPS and other GPS receivers requiring this gain value. 

With the Comant CI 511 GPS Attenuator, the GPS will function with popular Garmin® GPS systems requiring 17dB gain amplifiers. 

Helicopter rated, this model has been tested under the toughes t RTCA DO-160D environmental conditions.

P/N CI 2480-400

S/N 135069

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