Comant GPS/VHF Antenne (COMDAT)

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CI 2480-200 COMDAT™ VHF/GPS Combination
Frequency 1575.42 MHz 26.5dB Gain 118-137 MHz
(DAI Part# CI2480-200)

All new design shares the popular CI 248 style. Combines both GPS and VHF Com functions in a single footprint. Same 4-hole mounting dimensions as popular VHF antennas. Provides separate connections -- TNC for GPS and BNC for communication. Requires no other accessories for connection to panel-mount or handheld GPS/Comm receiver/transceiver "combos." Features a built-in notch filter for excellent performance in a single package, and a GPS amplifier designed specifically for Bendix-King GPS receivers. This patented design is perfect for helicopter applications, and has been tested under the toughest RTCA DO-160D environmental conditions.

P/N CI2480-200

S/N 128545

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