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Neuwertiges Digiflo-L: Digital Fuel Management System für 2-motorige Flugzeuge.

RS-232 und RS-422 output format mit Interface zu LORAN-C und GPS-Empfängern

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Digiflo-L is a Digital Fuel Management System designed to provide complete fuel management information under real flight conditions without any manual entry of data (after entry of the initial fuel on board information).

Digiflo-L is connected to the engine fuel flow transducer for fuel flow information and to the Loran-C or GPS receiver serial port for navigation data (ground speed, distance and estimated time en route).

This system is also capable of transmitting the fuel information to the Bendix/King KLN-88, KLN-90, and Garmin GPS navigation receivers, for additional calculations and display of fuel management data.

  • Easy to read display
  • Total fuel used
  • Total fuel remaining {in gallons, pounds or liters}
  • Endurance
  • Low fuel remaining warning
  • Low time remaining warning
  • Standard 3 1/8" instrument hole
  • Fuel can be added in partial loads, or one touch at fuel tank top off
  • Fuel needed to destination
  • Fuel available upon reaching destination
  • Nautical miles covered per unit of fuel burned

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