AvMap EKP IV GPS-Empfänger

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AvMap EKP IV pro - GPS-Empfänger in tadellosem Zustand, mit Einbaurack, siehe Foto!

Software Version S3E4HE V2.21.21OR vom 11.05.2011

NavData Stand: 2015

Update kostet € 99,00 incl. Mwst. und sollte dann aktuell nach Kauf durchgeführt werden.

Das AvMap, Made in Italy, ist speziell für Helicopter entwickelt worden.

Das AvMap kann an den Autopilot angeschlossen werden!



AvMap EKP IV Pro mit

- Einbaurack (siehe Fotos)

- Externe GPS-Antenne (neu!)

- Compact Flash - Datenkarte (siehe Foto)

- Anschlusskabel Power Supply mit Stecker für die Zigarettenanzünderbuchse

- User Manual: -Deutsch







Dimensions (inches) 180.3 x 121.9 x 45.72 (7.1" x 4,8" x 1,8")
Weight 800g
Display LCD TFT 7" (17,7 cm) 16:9 4.75" x 7" x 1.5"
Display Colors 64k
Display resolution 800x480 pixels
Automatic brightness control
GPS Receiver Built-in,  20 channels, supporting WAAS signals
Processor Arm9 200Mhz
Memory Support Compact Flash (CF) 4 GB
Battery Batteries for emergency use (up to 1.5 hours): 6 rechargeable NiMh internal battery (not included)
Consumption 10 Watt
Power supply Charger 10/35 V DC
External GPS antenna serial Port
Serial I/O port 4800 up to 38.400 bps
Software Update € 99,00
Land Elevation (color coded topographic map showing the altitude of the terrain)
Horizontal or Vertical mode
Full flight planning capability Yes, up to 15 flight plans of up to 100 legs each
Full simulator functions
Import and export flight plans, waypoints and routes from Navigator to PC Yes, with several third parties softwares
Editable aircraft checklist
Full NavData Page
TAWS - Terrain Awareness and Warning System
Full or split HSI / RMI screen with data fields
Vertical navigation
Crossed Airspace predictor and advisor Get a preview of the airspaces that you will cross along your flight, and real time warnings on airspaces being crossed.
Weather data Function available ONLY in North America, with the optional WxWorx receiver
Real Time Traffic When connected with the Zaon XRX
Exchange data with Google earth Exchange Waypoints, FlightPlans and Tracks data between the navigator and Google Earth™
Photo Database Creator Load your pictures up to fullscreen size on the navigator and assign them to an airport
Integration with other onboard navigation systems Yes: Autopilot, GPS, external antenna etc
Search and Rescue Flight patterns
Customized Regional Terrestrial Coverage
Address research with country, city and street
Connection to radio localization systems
Worldwide Background
Low Airways (Victor Airways)
Obstacles data
AOPA Directory
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