Terms and Conditions

According to § 132c Abs. 1 BGB i.V.m. § 1 para. 1 no. 4 BGB InfoV an entrepreneur, who offers goods or services on the Internet, must inform the consumer prior to the conclusion of how the respective contract is closed. According to § 312e Abs. 1 sentence 1 no. 2 BGB he must give additional information about the steps that lead to a contract.


Terms and Conditions Avionikzentrale GmbH:

For buying the products that we offer the following applies:

The contract is between you as buyer and us, the Avionikzentrale GmbH, Lehrer-Vogl-Weg 27 in 83623 Dietramszell, Email: mail@avionikzentrale.de, Fax 0049 8027 904607.

The prices quoted by the Seller are final, that is they include all price components, including the legal German VAT as far as it is to be shown. Unless otherwise indicated, the article is subject to the so called differential taxation according to § 25a UStG. This is appclicable for used goods puchased by us from private or sellers that are not in the position to extract the VAT off their selling price.

Not included in the purchase price are any additional costs for packaging -and- shipping if not stated otherwise in the item description.

The Wrap -and- shipping cost each are listed under "shipping information".

In principle, by cash payment for pick up no shipping expenses will be charged.

The purchase price including all packaging and shipping costs must be paid in full before we ship the goods. When you pick up this applies to the delivery of the goods.

When used goods are purchased the warranty period for Consumers is one year from date of purchase.

For commercial buyers a warranty period of three months from the date of purchase applies.

Used goods in this context are all products that we acquire from private and offer as second hand. These articles are often not covered by a guarantee provided by the producer, even if they are and unused. Often articles are in private posession without being used for a long time. We mark them as "new-unused" but cannot provide the producers guarantee! All these products are covered with the warranty described above!

Claims of liability for any consequential damages are excluded.


Conclusion of the purchase contract:

The presentation of products in the online shop is not a legally binding offer, but a noncommittal online catalog. By clicking the button "Buy" the customer gives a binding order of the goods contained in the Shopping Cart. The confirmation of the order follows immediately after sending the order and does not constitute an acceptance of the contract. We can accept your order by sending an order confirmation via e-mail or by delivering the goods within two days.

We save the contract text and send you the order data by e-mail. The terms and conditions can be viewed at any time here. For security reasons your order data can no longer be accessed on the Internet.

Delay of payment:

We deliver our parcels upon receipt of payment (advance) or by cash on delivery. If the payment is not received within 7 days after the order, we have the right to cancel the purchase contract and to offer the respective products again.

Information for battery regulation:

The delivery of some products contains batteries that mostly serve for the operation of active headsets. Even in devices can be permanently installed rechargeable batteries. In this context we are as a trader in accordance with battery regulations are obliged to inform our customers about the following:

Please dispose used batteries as required by law at a municipal collection or give them to your local shop for free!

Disposal in household waste is strictly forbidden in the Battery Directive!

Also you can retrun batteries obtained from us without charge after use or or return them by post to us!

The return should be sent to:

Avionikzentrale GmbH
, Lehrer-Vogl-Weg 27 in D-83623 Dietramszell

Batteries containing the pollutants wear a symbol of a crossed garbage can. Under the garbage can icon the chemical name of the pollutant (for example, Cd for cadmium, Pb for lead, Hg for mercury) is verified.

You will find the references also again on the documents accompanying the shipment or in the manufacturer's instructions.

Packaging Regulation (VerpackungsVO):

According to the regulations of the packaging we have an obligation (for example the "Green Dot" of the Dual System Germany AG or the "RESY symbol") to take back packaging of our products that do not bear any sign of a system of comprehensive waste management and dispose or re-use them. According the return of the packaging, please call us at under 08027/904608 or send us an email to: mail@avionikzentrale.de. You can return the packaging also by mail (we pay for shipping within Germany):

Shipping to:

Avionikzentrale GmbH
Lehrer Vogl-Weg 27
D-83623 Dietramszell

We can use the packaging again or dispose it correctly.

Registered trademarks / trademark:

A trademark owner can generally not prohibit a seller from using the mark for the original goods, i.e. the seller may offer the branded product under the brand name and sell it if the goods were originally brought to the market by the brand manufacturer or with his consent by a third party within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Nevertheless, we once again point out that the rights of the holder of brand names are his or her property and merely serve to describe the products and their quality!